Art California is produced and
hosted by Judy Malloy, in partnership
with the California Studies Association.
In addition to increasing the use of Art
, for research, education, and
writing projects, Art California collaborates
with California Studies BLOG
editor Aaron Wilcher, to keep the CSA
informed on news, events, and
resources on California arts through
their calendar and news page.

Poet and information artist Judy Malloy has worked as an arts journalist
and arts advocate, most notably, from 1986-2004 as Editor of NYFA Current
(formerly Arts Wire Current) an Internet-based National journal on social,
economic, philosophical, and political issues affecting the arts and culture,
sponsored by The New York Foundation for the Arts.

She was the initial Editor of Leonardo Electronic News. (now Leonardo Electronic Almanac) She started the Arts Conference on the WELL; was a co-host of the Artists Conference and the Interactive Art Conference on Arts Wire and was the initial consultant for the Internet Yellow Pages. From 1992-1996, she was an artist in residence/consultant on the document of the future at Xerox PARC. She is the editor of Women Art and Technology, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003.

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About Art California

The voices of artists are instrumental in focusing how we remember our past, in distilling our experience of our increasingly complex world and in helping us imagine our future. In California, our rich heritage of artists, works of art and arts organizations is an important contribution to the quality of our lives and the understanding of our heritage. Yet the names and work of many of our best artists are not widely known, and the places where their work is shown and presented are not adequately celebrated or funded. In 2007, we were a dismal 50th (out of 50 states) in State per capita arts funding. Art California is a project to increase the visibility of California art and artists -- past and present.

The Art California Web

A portal website of access to websites that represent California artists, innovators, and arts organizations, Art California provides access to the rich diversity of the artists and arts organizations in California, with a focus on the non-profit arts, but also including Hollywood and popular musicians. Art California also seeks to make arts websites more visible and easier to find, to encourage arts content on the Internet, to increase the audience for events and publications, to demonstrate the importance of supporting the arts in our state, to serve as a model that could be replicated in other states, and most importantly to generate interest in California art.

Art California includes an extensive list of over 8,000 artists and organizations, as well as featuring selected archives, publications, and web portals. It is a growing resource, and each section is updated on a scheduled basis. Although from time to time some sections may have out of date links, they will be updated as soon as possible. And every week more artists and arts organizations are added to the resource!

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