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California Film Artists

Actors, Directors, Producers and Other Film Professionals

Film - Historical

Bud Abbott (1897-1974) and Lou Costello (1906-1959)

Robert Altman
(1925 - 2006) (senses of cinema)

Dorothy Arzner
(1897 - 1979) (senses of cinema)

Fred Astaire
(1899- 1987) (Reel Classics)

Mary Astor
(1906-1987) (IMDb)

Ethel Barrymore
(1879 - 1959) (Wikipedia)

John Belushi
(1949 - 1982)

Berry Berenson
(1948 - 2001) (Wikipedia)
__ (Remember: September 11)

Herbert J. Biberman
(1900-1971) (Wikipedia)

Humphrey Bogart
(1899 - 1957 (Warner Brothers)

Clara Bow
(1905 - 1965)

Marlon Brando
(1924 - 2004)

Louise Brooks
(1906 - 1985)

Yul Brynner
(1920-1985) IMDb)

Charles Bronson
(The New York Times)

Frank Capra
(The New York Times LearningNetwork)

Charlie Chaplin

James Coburn
(1928-2002) (Wikipedia)

Lester Cole

George Cukor
(1899-1983) (American Masters)

Dorothy Dandridge

James Dean
-"American Legends: James Dean" --

Karl Dane
(1886-1934) (Wikipedia)

Linda Darnell
(1923-1965) (Classic Movie Favorites)

Bette Davis

Marlene Dietrich

Walt Disney

Richard Dix
(1893-1949) (Wikipedia)

James Doohan
(1920-2005) (Star Trek)
__ (Wikepedia)

Nelson Eddy
(1901-1967) (Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy)

Howard Fast
(1914-2003) (Spartacus)

Jose Ferrer
(1909-1992) (Classic Movies)

W. C. Fields
(1880-1946) (Golden Silents)

Victor Fleming
(1889-1949) (Wikipedia)

Henry Fonda
(1905-1982) (Reel Classics)

Clark Gable
(1901-1960) (Wikipedia)

John Garfield
(1913 - 1952) (Classic Movies)

Judy Garland
(1922-1969) (The Judy Garland Database)

Janet Gaynor
(1906-1984) (Golden Silents)

Cary Grant
(1904-1986) (Reel Classics)

Jean Harlow

Howard Hawks
(1896-1977) (Wikipedia)

Ben Hecht
(1893-1964) (Author's Calendar)

Audrey Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn
(1907-2003) (Films for Two)

Gregory Hines
(1946-2003),jowitt3,46211,1.html (Village Voice)

William Holden
(1918 - 1981) (Classic Movies)

Judy Holliday
(1921-1965) - Judy Holliday Resource Center

The Hollywood Ten (Moffitt Resources Center - U. C. Berkeley)

Bob Hope

Sidney Howard
(1891-1939) (Wikipedia)

Rock Hudson
(1925 - 1985)

John Huston
(1906-1987) (Classic Movies)

Walter Huston
(1884-1950) (IMBd)

William Inge
(1913-1973) (William Inge Center for the Arts)

Alan Ladd
(1913-1964) (CMG Worldwide)

Carl Laemmle
(1867 - 1939) (Wikipedia)

Veronica Lake

Hedy Lamarr
_ (Female Inventors)

Burt Lancaster
(1913 - 1994) (Wikipedia)

Carole Landis
(1919-1948) (Norwegian American Hall of Fame)

Fritz Lang
(1890-1976) (Wikipedia)

Ring Lardner, Jr.
(1915-2000) (Spartacus)

Bruce Lee
(1940-1973) (IMDb)

Jack Lemmon
(1925-2001) (

Cleavon Little
(1939 - 1992) (IMDb)

Carole Lombard
(1908-1942) (Wikipedia)

Anita Loos
(1888-1981) (Wikpedia)

Myrna Loy
(1905-1993) (The Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts)
_Myrna Loy -- (Screwball Stars Pages)

Ida Lupino
(1917-1995) (MBC)

Joel McCrea
(1905-1990) (IMBd)

Hattie McDaniel
(1895-1952) (Reel Classics)
_ (Wikipedia)

Jeanette MacDonald
(1903-1965) (Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy)

Fred MacMurray
(1908-1991) (Wikipedia)

Steve McQueen

Albert Maltz
(1908-1985) (Spartacus)
__ (Heath Anthology)

Rouben Mamoulian
(1897-1987) (Wikipedia)

Jayne Mansfield

Francis Marion
(1887- 1973) (Wikipedia)

The Marx Brothers

Sal Mineo

Tom Mix
(1880-1940) (Wikipedia)

Marilyn Monroe

Agnes Moorehead
(1900-1974) (Wikipedia)

Mabel Normand
(1892-1930) (The Mabel Normand Website)

Hermes Pan
(1909 - 1990) (Wikipedia)

Sam Peckinpah
(1925-1984) (IMDb)

Chris Penn
(1965-2006) (Wikipedia)

Anthony Perkins
(1932-1992) (Wikipedia)

River Phoenix
(1970-1993) (Wikipedia)

Mary Pickford
_ (Hollywood Renegades Archive)

Sydney Pollack,0,7188390.story
(LA Times)

William Powell

Christopher Reeve
(1952-2004) (unoffical fan site)
_ c.geIMLPOpGjF/b.1097025/k.A74C/Christopher_Reeve.htm (Christopher Reeve Foundation)

Jean Renoir
(1894-1979) (Authors' Calendar)

Anne Revere
(1903-1990) (Spartacus)

Arthur Ripley
(January 12, 1897 - February 13, 1961) (Calisphere)

Ginger Rogers

Will Rogers

Will Sampson
(1934-1987) (Wikipedia)

Jean Seberg
(1938-1979) (Saint Jean, the Jean Seberg website)

David O. Selznick
(1902-1965) (Wikipedia)

Gale Sondergaard

Barbara Stanwyck
(1907-1990) (Reel Classics)

George Stevens
(1904-1975) (Wikipedia)

Jimmy Stewart
(1908-1997) (Wikipedia)

Norma Talmadge
(1893-1957) (Golden Silents)

Sharon Tate

William Desmond Taylor
(1872-1922) (Wikipedia)

Spencer Tracy

Jack Valenti (Wikipedia)

Rudolph Valentino
(May 6, 1895 - August 23, 1926) (Falcon Lair)
_ (Wikipedia)

Salka Viertel
(Feuchtwanger Memorial Library)

John Wayne

Lois Weber
(1881-1939) (Wikipedia)

Orson Welles

Billy Wilder
(1906-2002) (Reel Classics)

Anna May Wong
_ - US Asians

Natalie Wood
(1938-1981) (Wikipedia)

Fay Wray
(1907-2004) (The Fay Wray Pages)

George Wright
(The George Wright Memorial Home Page)

Darryl Francis Zanuck
(1902-1979) (IMBd)

Film - Contemporary

Carlos Alazraqui

Alan Alda
(Museum of Broadcast Communications)

Alan Arkin (IMBd)

Rosanna Arquette (IMBd)

Dan Aykroyd (Wikipedia)

Lauren Bacall

Warren Beaty (IMBd)

Candice Bergen (Thespian Net)

Halle Berry (Wikipedia)

David Brown (film reference)

Charles Burnett
(senses of cinema)

Gina Prince-Bythewood (IMDb)

Reggie Rock Bythewood (IMDb)

Mel Brooks (Mel Brooks Movie Site)

Nicholas Cage (Wikipedia)

Cheech and Chong

Chevy Chase (


Julie Christie (IMBd)

George Clooney
_ (fan site)

Francis Ford Coppola (Academy of Achievement)
_American Zoetrope

Sofia Coppola (IMDb)

Kevin Costner

Peter Coyote

Tom Cruise (IMDb)

Billy Crystal (IMDb)

Doris Day
_biography (The Biography Channel
_films (The Films of Doris Day website)

Robert De Niro (Wikipedia)

Leonardo Dicaprio (Wikipedia)

Bill Duke

Clint Eastwood

Carrie Fisher

Jane Fonda
(New Georgia Encyclopedia)

Joan Fontaine (Wikipedia)

D.C. Fontana (Wikipedia)

Harrison Ford (

Jodie Foster (Wikipedia)

Morgan Freeman
_ (Revelations)
_ (

James Garner (IMDb)

Danny Glover (Ability Magazine interview)

Whoopie Goldberg (Academy of Achievement)

Elliott Gould (Elliott Gould Zone)

Gene Hackman (Danville Library)

Mark Hamill (Fan Club)

George Hamilton (Wikipedia)

Tom Hanks (AFI)

Daryl Hannah

Catherine Hardwicke (BBC)

Charlton Heston

Robert Hillmann (IMBd)

Dustin Hoffman (Thespian Net)

Dennis Hopper (IMDb)

Lena Horne
(PBS American Masters

Michael Horse

Whitney Houston

Ron Howard (Academy of Achievement)

Tab Hunter

Marsha Hunt (Wikipedia)

Anjelica Huston (IMDb)

Philip Kaufman

Diane Keaton (fan site)
__ (who2)

Lela Lee (PBS)

Gary Leva

Lucy Liu

George Lucas
(PBS American Masters)

David Lynch

Ali MacGraw (Wikipedia)

Shirley MacLaine (


Steve Martin

Marlee Matlin

Liza Minelli (IMDb)

Vincente Minelli
(senses of cinema)

Demi Moore (fan site)

Esai Morales (Wikipedia)

Rita Moreno (Wikipedia)

Viggo Mortensen

Eddie Murphy (tiscali film & tv)

Rick Najera

Paul Newman (

Nichelle Nichols (

Jack Nicholson (Wikipedia)

Leonard Nimroy (

Nick Nolte (Salon)

Kim Novak (IMBd)

Maureen O'Hara
(Reel Classics)
_'Hara (Wikipedia)

Edward James Olmos

Al Pacino (Wikipedia)

Sean Penn (Wikipedia)

Joaquin Phoenix (IMBd)

Sidney Poitier (American Masters)

Richard Pryor

Robert Redford
_on Freedom of Expression --
("Speaking Freely" interview with Ken Paulson)

Debbie Reynolds

Molly Ringwald

Julia Roberts (

Jane Russell (Wikipedia)

Winona Ryder (Wikipedia)

Eva Marie Saint
(The Golden Years)

Susan Sarandon (Wikipedia)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (IMBd)

Martin Scorsese (Scorsese and His Films)

George C. Scott

William Shatner

Will Smith

Jimmy Smits (Hispanic Today)

D'Angela Steed (IMBd)

Oliver Stone

Barbara Streisand

George Takei

Elizabeth Taylor (IMDb)

Shirley Temple

Lily Tomlin

Alan Toy

John Travolta

Jesus Salvador Treviño

Kathleen Turner
__ (Wikipedia)

Wayne Wang
(by Rob Blackwelder, SPLICEDWire)

Denzel Washington (Wikipedia)

Raquel Welch (Wikipedia)

Gene Wilder (IMDb)

Robin Williams

Bruce Willis (IMBd)

Reese Witherspoon (Wikipedia)

Joanne Woodward

Steve Zaillian (SFSU Magazine Online)

Darryl Zanuck (Wikipedia)

Lili Fini Zanuck (IMBd)

Richard D. Zanuck (

Hassan Zee

Art California Home

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Studios / Production Companies

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American Zoetrope


Fox Studios

_Star Wars



_Toy Story

Ren-Mar Studios


RKO Pictures

Sony Pictures
_Columbia Pictures (Wikipedia)

Universal Studios

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The Saul Zaentz Company

Art California Home

California Cultural Institutions

Film Artists
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New Media
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Event Calendars
Museums, Art Spaces, Galleries
Literary Publishers, Places

Arts Web Portals
Visual Artists - Registries
Musicians - Registries
Writers - Registries

Art Schools
Artists Residencies
Arts Education

Critics and Curators
Arts Magazines
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Athletic Teams

Cultural Heritage
California Living

Advocacy, Service
Exhibitions, Collections


Independent Filmmakers

Daniel Cassidy
(San Francisco Chronicle)

Theresa Duncan
(1966 - 2007)

Oskar Fischinger

Millie Ketcheshawno (Muskogee Creek Nation)
(1937-2000) (Alcatraz Is Not An Island)
(Berkeley Indigenous Peoples' Day)

Kent Mackenzie
(1930-1980) (The Exiles)

Linda Mabalot
(d. 2003) (Asian American Film)

Marlon Riggs
(1957-1994) (MBC)

Stacey Ross
(d. 2007) (Jewish News Weekly)

Harry Smith
(1923-1991) (Harry Smith Archives)

Warren Sonbert
(Bright Lights Film Journal)

Adobe Spaceship

Doug Aitken

Alfonso Alvarez (flicker)

Thom Andersen (Wikipedia)

Stephanie Antalocy
(Women Make Movies)

Dominic Angerame

Gregg Araki (Wikipedia)

Bernard Badion (Leave it to Chance)

Bruce Baillie

Tina Bastajian

Christopher Beaver

Barbara Becnel (Wikipedia)

James Benning of Cinema)

Amy Berg

Mark Berger
(UC Berkeley, Film Studies)

Susheel Bibbs

Delaney Bishop (The Death of Salvador Dali)

Les Blank - Flower Films

Shonali Bose

Barbara Boyle
(Film & Broadcast)

Betzy Bromberg (CalArts)

Maria Brooks (Waterfront Soundings Productions)

Lisa Brenneis

Ellen Bruno

Anita Chang

Eileen Chiao (Leave it to Chance)

Margaret Cho

Nicole Conn

Bruce Conner (WAC)

Eleanor Coppola (IMBD)

Julie Dash (Voices from the Gaps)

Marc Davis

Elizabeth DiGiovanni

Ava DuVernay

Ed Emshwiller

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman

Moctesuma Esparza

Paul Espinosa

Gregory Everett

Kota Ezawa (The Warhol)

Jeanne Finley

Patricia Flynn
(POV coverage of Discovering Dominga with Mary Jo McConahay)

Ron Frank

Bob Freimark

Harry Gamboa Jr.

Garage Cinema Research

Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder (Performa)

Sam Green

Robert Greenwald

Aurora Guerrero

Barbara Hammer Films

Laura Heit

Annie Hershey (The Tillie Olsen Film Project)

Lynn Hershman

Mark Herzig

Nic Hill (Underdog Pictures)

Brook Hinton

Scott Howe


Judy Irving - Pelican Media

Ishtar Films

Ken Jacobs
_"Conversation with Ken Jacobs by Harry Kreisler"

Marie Jager

Lindsey Jang and Robert C. Winn
Saigon, U.S.A. -- (KOCE)

William E. Jones

Lawrence Jordan (Canyon Cinema)

Benjamin Kantor (Leave it to Chance)

Lynn Kirby (CCA)

Mark Kitchell (IMBd)

J. Mira Kopell
(UC Berkeley - Film Studies)

The Kuchar Brothers (Bright Lights Film Journal)

Kerry Laitala (KQED)

Grace Lee

Deborah LaVine

John Lightfoot

Madeleine Lim

Janis Crystal Lipzin
(Canyon Cinema)

Sharon Lockhart (Blum & Poe)

Chip Lord (UCSC)

Tomas McCabe
(Bum's Paradise)

Sylvia Morales

Benjamin Morgan (Quality of Life)

John Muse

Meena Nanji (Sawnet)

Kirthi Nath

Gunvor Nelson (Canyon Cinema)

Steven Okazaki

Stephen Olsson (CEM Productions)

William Olsson

Pat O'Neill

Damon Packard (Wikipedia)

Christine Panushka (USC)

Tyler Perry

Susan Pitt

Laura Poitras (My Country, My Country)

Lourdes Portillo

Eugene Rodriguez

Phillip Rodriguez

Tao Ruspoli

Rick Schmidt

Elizabeth Sher

Eric Sherman

Tiffany Shlain

Paul Sietsema
(Foundation for Contemporary Arts)

Jeffrey Skoller (UC Berkeley - Film Studies)

Becky Smith (UCLA)

Monique Sonoquie (Native American Authors)

Sour Mash Films

M. dot Strange

Sea Studios

Anjali Sundaram (IMBd)

Eric Theise

Turtle Island Productions

Tylfmh Productions

Luis Valdez

Tara Veneruso
(Next Wave Films)

Vincentio Films

Audrey Wells (Filmbug)

Gordon Winiemko

Ian Winters

Billy Woodberry (CalArts)

Alice Wu (IMDb)

Julie Wyman

Bruce Yonemoto

Normen Yonemoto (Video Data Bank)

Saul Zaentz

Robert Zagone (IMBd)

Cave Zahedi

Maliha Zulfacar (CAL Poly)

Film Venues, Festivals, and Groups

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

American Film Institute

American Indian Film Institute

Arab Film Festival

Berkeley Video & Film Festival

Beverly Hills International Film Festival

California Film Commission

California Film Institute

California Independent Film Festival

Canyon Cinema
_filmmakers --

Castro Theatre

Center for Asian American Media

The Chesterfield Writers Film Project

Cinema Epicuria, The Sonoma Valley Film Society

Cinequest San Jose Film Festival

Dances with Films

Echo Park Film Center

Fairfax Documentary Film Festival

filmforum los angeles

Film Independent



Giant - Berkeley Filmmakers

Hollywood Film Festival

IFP - Los Angeles Chapter

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

International Documentary Association

International Latino Film Festival (San Francisco Bay Area)

KTEH - video i

Laemmle Theatres

Los Angeles Film Festival

The Los Angeles Filmmakers' Co-op

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival

Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival

Mendocino Film Festival


Mill Valley Film Festival
(California Film Institute)

Mount Shasta International Film Festival

Muslim Film Festival

National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP)

Native Visions Film Festival (Meeks Bay)

Nevada City Film Festival

Other Cinema (Craig Baldwin)

The Other Venice Film Fest

Outfest - the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Pacific Film Archive

Palm Springs International Film Festival

Poppy Jasper Film Festival (Morgan Hill)

Producers Guild of America

Sacramento Film & Music Festival

Sacramento French Film Festival

Sacramento International Gay & Lesbian Fillm Festival

Sacramento International Film Festival

Sacramento Jewish Film Festival

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

San Diego Jewish Film Festival

San Diego Latino Film Festival

San Francisco Black Film Festival

San Francisco Cinematheque

San Francisco Film Society

San Francisco Independent Cinema

San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Santa Barbara Latino Cinemedia Festival

Santa Cruz Film Festival

Santa Rosa International Film Festival

Scandinavian Film Festival

The Screen Actors Guild

SoCal Independent Film Festival (Huntington Beach)

The Stanford Theatre

Sundance Institute

El Teatro Campesino

Total Mobile Home

Underground Films

VC FilmFest (The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival)

Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival (Nevada City)

Women in Film

Women of Color Film Festival (Berkeley)

Writers Guild of America

Women in Film

Art California Home

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California Cultural Councils

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Advocacy and Service
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Statewide Cultural Councils, Institutions, and Associations

California Arts Council

California Council for the Humanities

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

Association of California Symphony Orchestras

Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California

California Arts Advocates

California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies (CALAA)

California Association for Music Educators

California Association of Museums

California Association of Professional Music Teachers

California Bluegrass Association

California Cultural Data Project

California Digital Library

California Educational Theatre Association

California Educational Theatre Organizations

California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives

California Exhibition Resources Alliance

California Historical Society

California Institute of Arts and Letters

California/International Arts Foundation

California LGBT Arts Alliance

California Native American Heritage Commission

California Presenters

California Society of Printmakers

California State Library

California State Thespians

California Studies Association

California Studies Center

California Studies Inititative - Santa Clara University

California Tourism

California Watercolor Association (Walnut Creek)

Center for California Studies, California State University, Sacramento

H-California - Study of California History

The Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West

International Center for the Arts- San Francisco State University

The Institute for Traditional Studies

Bill Lane Center for the American West

Music Teachers' Association of California

The Pacific Regional Humanities Center (U.C. Davis)

University of California Humanities Research Institute

University of California Institute for Research in the Arts
__UC State of the Arts/SOTA

West Coast Songwriters

WESTAF, the Western States Arts Federation

Regional Arts Councils, Institutions, Organizations,
and Associations

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Calabasas Art Council

Arts Council of Conejo Valley

Glendale Cultural Affairs Section

Hollywood Arts Council

Arts Council for Long Beach

Pasadena Arts Council

City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Department

Venice Arts Council

Whittier Cultural Arts Commission

Aloud (The Library Foundation of Los Angeles)

American Federation of Musicians, Local 47, Los Angeles, CA

Bluegrass Association of Southern California

Drama Teachers Association of Southern California

Grand Performances (Los Angeles)

Long Beach Area Musicians Association

Los Angeles Art Association

Malibu Art Association

National Writers Union, LA Local Branch

Pasadena Society of Artists

Redondo Beach Art Group

San Gabriel Fine Arts Association

South Bay Watercolor Society

Southern California Women's Caucus for the Arts

Valley Watercolor Society

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Orange County

Arts Orange County

Anaheim Arts Council

City of Brea Art Gallery

City of Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee

Huntington Beach Art Center

Irvine Fine Arts Center

City of Newport Beach Arts Commission

City of San Juan Capistrano Cultural Heritage Commission

Santa Ana Arts District

American Federation of Musicians, Local 7, Orange County, CA

Dana Point Coastal Arts

Laguna Beach Alliance for the Arts

Laguna Beach Live!

Laguna Plein Air Painters Association

La Habra Art Association & Gallery

Long Beach Area Musicians Association

Orange County Fine Arts

Southern California Artists Association (Laguna Beach)

Yorba Linda Arts Alliance

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Santa Barbara, Ventura area

Santa Barbara County Arts Commission

Ventura County Arts Council

City of Ojai Arts Commission{D7C75D69-6DAD-43B4-AC8E-9F808BD871CA}

City of Ventura Cultural Affairs Division

Buenaventura Art Association

Guadalupe Cultural Arts and Education Center

Local 308, American Federation of Musicians Santa Barbara, CA

Lompoc Valley Art Association

Musicians' Mutual Protective Association
Local 581, American Federation of Musicians Ventura, CA

San Buenaventura Artists' Union

Santa Barbara Art Association

Santa Barbara Blues Society

Santa Barbara Dance Alliance

Santa Barbara Performing Arts League

Thousand Oaks Art Association

Regional Art Councils and Associations - San Diego Area

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture

Escondido Arts Partnership

San Diego Historical Society

Actors Alliance of San Diego

Allied Artists Association of San Diego

Coronado Art Association

Del Mar Arts

East County Art Association

La Jolla Art Association

La Jolla Music Society

Musicians' Association of San Diego County

Poway Center for the Performing Arts Foundation

San Diego Black Music Alliance

San Diego Dance Alliance

San Diego Performing Arts League

San Diego Songwriter's Guild

San Diego Writers/Editors Guild

San Diego Writers Ink

Solana Beach City Hall Art Gallery

University Heights Arts Association

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey Peninsula, San Luis Obispo

Arts Council for Monterey Country

ARTS Obispo (San Luis Obispo County)

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County

San Benito County Arts Council

Cultural Council of Santa Cruz

Pajaro Valley Arts Council

Carmel Art Association

Coastal Arts League (Half Moon Bay)

Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association

Monterey History & Art Association

Santa Cruz Art League

Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Silicon Valley, South Bay

Arts Council Silicon Valley

Peninsula Arts Council - San Mateo County

Cupertino Fine Arts Commission

Foster City Arts and Culture Committee

The Gilroy Arts Alliance

Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

City of Pacifica - Arts & Culture

City of Palo Alto Arts and Sciences Division

Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission

San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs

City Arts of San Mateo

Fine Arts League of Cupertino

Los Gatos Art Association

History San José

Menlo Park Historical Association

Northern California Bluegrass Society (Mountain View)

Pacific Art League (Palo Alto)

Peninsula Sculptors' Guild

San Jose Federation of Musicians

Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers Association

Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society

Silicon Valley Arts Coalition

Silicon Valley Artists' Collaborative

Silicon Valley Rocks!

Stanford Spoken Word Collective

Sunnyvale Art Club

West Valley Jazz

Regional Art Councils and Associations - San Francisco

San Francisco Arts Commission

African American Art and Culture Complex

American Guild of Organists - San Francisco Chapter

Artists Guild of San Francisco

Bay Area Photographers Collective

Bay Area Improviser's Network

Bay Area Video Coalition

Children's Theatre Association of San Francisco

Independent Arts & Media

Musicians Union Local 6, San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley, Piedmont,
Emeryville, Albany, Marin County, and San Mateo County

Northern California Women's Caucus for the Arts

San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America

San Francisco Art Dealers Association

San Francisco LGBT Community Center

San Francisco Opera Guild

San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association

San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

San Francisco Tribal

San Francisco Women Artists

San Francisco Writers Workshop

Textile Arts Council (San Francisco)

Theatre Bay Area

Treasure Island Museum Association


Regional Art Councils and Associations - East Bay: Alameda County

Alameda County Art Commission

Berkeley Civic Arts Council

City of Dublin Heritage and Cultural Arts Commission

Fremont Arts Council

Hayward Arts Council

City of Oakland Cultural Arts and Marketing Division

Arts Council San Leandro

Alameda Art Association

Art Alumni Group of U.C. Berkeley

The Art Group at Berkeley

The Bay Area Blues Society

Berkeley Potters Guild

Consortium for the Arts (UC Berkeley)

Downtown Berkeley

East Bay Artists Guild

Emeryville Celebration of the Arts

Fremont Art Association

Oakland Art Association

Youth Spirit Art Works

Regional Art Councils and Associations - East Bay: Contra Costa County

Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County

The Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch

City of Hercules Annual Cultural Festival

City of Walnut Creek - Lesher Center for the Arts

El Cerrito Arts and Culture Commission

Danville Arts Commission

Livermore Cultural Arts Council

Orinda Arts Council

Pleasanton Cultural Arts Council

Richmond Arts & Culture Commission

The San Pablo Art Gallery

Alamo-Danville Artists' Society

American Federation of Musicians, Local 424, Richmond, CA
Contra Costa County

Arts of Point Richmond

Brentwood Art Society

Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center (San Pablo)

Concord Art Association

Contra Costa String Association

Diablo Regional Arts Association

Lamorinda Arts Alliance

Livermore Art Association

Martinez Arts Association

Pinole Artisans

Pleasanton Art League

Point Arts Guild (Point Richmond)

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Marin, Wine Country and the Russian River

Marin Arts Council

Arts Council Napa Valley

Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma County

Mill Valley Art Commission

Novato Arts Center at Hamilton Field

Petaluma Arts Council

Redwood Arts Council

San Anselmo Arts Commission

City of Santa Rosa - Arts and Culture

Sausalito Arts Commission

Sausalito Historical Society

Art at the Source (Sebastopol)

Artists of MarinMOCA

California Film Institute (San Rafael)

Calistoga Art Center

Coastal Marin Artists

Marin Society of Artists

Miwok Archeological Preserve of Marin

Musicians' Mutual Protective Association
Local 292, American Federation of Musicians Santa Rosa, CA

North Bay Theatre Group

Napa Valley Art Association

Point Reyes National Seashore Association

Russian River Chamber Music Society

Santa Rosa Concert Association

Sebastopol Center for the Arts

Sonoma Classical Music Society

Sonoma County Choral Society (Sonoma State University)

South A Arts Alliance (Santa Rosa)

Watercolor Artists of Sonoma County

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Solano, Sacramento, Davis

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

Solano County Arts Council

Yolo County Arts Council

City of Davis Civic Arts

Vallejo Commission on Culture and the Arts

The Arsenal (Benicia)

Arts & Business Council of Sacramento

Arts Benicia

Benicia Community Arts

Brown Sindicato

Creative Arts League of Sacramento

Fairfield Visual Arts Association

The League of Sacramento Theatres

Lincoln Arts

Musicians' Protective Union
Local 367, American Federation of Musicians Vallejo, CA

Professional Musicians of Central California

Sacramento Area Regional Theatre Alliance

Sacramento Blues Society

Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society

Vacaville Art League & Gallery

Vallejo Choral Society

Vallejo Community Arts Foundation

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Central Valley, Inland Empire, Desert

The Arts Council of Kern

Madera County Arts Council

Merced County Arts Council

Riverside Arts Council

Stanislaus Arts Council

Arts Council of Temecula Valley

Cathedral City Public Arts Commission

Fresno Arts Council

Lodi Arts Commmission

Stockton Arts Commission

Bakersfield Art Association

Central California Art Association

Central Valley Blues Society


Fresno Coalition for Arts, Science & History

Fresno Folklore Society

Fresno Poets Association

Kings Art Center

Lodi Art Center

Porterville Art Association

Stockton Musicians' Association, Local 189

Regional Art Councils and Associations - Gold Country and The Sierras

Amador County Arts Council

Calavaras County Arts Council

Central Sierra Arts Council

El Dorado Arts Council

Inyo Council for the Arts

Mariposa County Arts Council

Mono Council for the Arts

Arts Collaborative of Nevada County

Arts Council of Placer Country

Trinity County Arts Council

Yuba-Sutter Regional Arts Council

Arts Council of Big Bear Valley

El Dorado Hills Arts Association

InConcert Sierra (Nevada City, Grass Valley)

Nevada County Composers Cooperative

North Tahoe Arts

Placerville Arts Association

Sonora Art Trails

Tahoe Art League

Regional Art Councils and Associations - North Coast and North Inland

Lake County Arts Council

Arts Council of Mendocino County

Shasta County Arts Council

Eureka Art and Culture Commission

Humboldt Arts Council

Siskiyou Arts Council

City of Willits Cultural Arts Commission

Art Center Ukiah

Del Norte Association for Cultural Awareness

Mendocino County Art Association

Northcoast Artists' Guild

Old Growth Arts (Ukiah)

Red Bluff Artists

Redwood Art Association

Ukiah Community Concert Association

The list is in progress. Artists are selected for creative vision, professional accomplishment on a national level, and/or contribution to California culture, and/or web site presentation of their work. Many more artists will be added.